You have to believe in yourself to demonstrate that your intelectual and personal education can be extremely useful as soon as you grasp an oportunity”

Daniel Fernández CEO at Qubiotech Health Intelligence

My time as a volunteer in the Society of Spanish Researchers in UK made me realize I loved management and scientific diplomacy”

Lorenzo Melchor International Scientific Coordinator at the Embassy of Spain in the UK

Talk with as many people as possible, not only with those around you, to find what you really want to do and your real options”

Inma Valle Business Development Advisor

During a PhD you learn above all not to fear problems”

Ana Levin General Manager at GEICO

A scientist is a great thinker, observer and detector of valuable information”

Xavi Martí CEO at IGSResearch

It is wonderful to see your company growing, and I would have missed it if I had stayed in academia”

Luis Alcaraz Technical Manager at Bioarray